About Linny Lawless

Her Background


Linny grew up in Northern Virginia, right outside Washington DC,  self-published her debut novel, “Salvation in Chaos” in January of 2018. Her stories are about scruffy, sexy alpha bikers who belong to a tribe, their club, and the women they fall in love with.  They live in a world full of chaos, not unlike reality. But within that chaotic world, they live their lives the best way they can and discover true love.

My Writing Roots

In the 1980's and 1990's I read mostly historical romances.  Then I began to read more contemporary romances.  Some authors were self-published, indie authors.  This inspired me to dive right in and write my own stories.  I recently joined the Romance Writers of America and attended seminars to gain some writing skills.  I've connected with talented writers, editors, and fellow readers.  I have now self-published 2 books.  My journey in writing has only just begun, and someday I want venture into other Romance genres.

My style

Everyone has past experiences, whether good or bad.  I want to write about people who are far from perfect, having both flaws and attributes that make them feel real to me, and hopefully to readers.    

I'm currently writing a series of MC Romance stories about a motorcycle club called the CHAOS KINGS MC.  My characters all have their own heart breaking backstories.  They struggle to overcome their flaws and conflicts to make a better world for themselves and the women they fall in love with.